Tax Preparation Services in Irvine, KY

There’s nothing simple about filling out and filing your taxes—whether you’re an individual, filing for a business or operate a non-profit. Tamara Rice-Rose Certified Public Accountant is here to simplify the process of tax preparation in Irvine, Estill County, West Irvine, and Lexington, KY, regardless of what your tax situation looks like. Our staff of qualified experts can help you complete your taxes thoroughly and completely, while also minimizing your tax burden.

  • Tax preparation:

    Key in our tax services in Irvine, KY is thorough, accurate preparation of your taxes. Count on us to check every box, making sure every credit and deduction are claimed. We even help you file, taking the burden of tax prep completely off your shoulders.

  • Sales tax preparation services:

    Handling sales tax can be a major burden on your in-house accounting team or for small business owners. Whether you’re a locally-owned and -operated company or one that does cross-border business, we’ll make sure your sales tax preparation is handled accordingly.

  • Quarterly tax preparation services:

    Your payroll taxes and other quarterly filings need to be handled with quickness and accuracy. Leave the task to us! We keep you ahead of important filing deadlines and ensure your filings are thorough, complete and on-time.

  • Entities we Serve

    Our decades of experience have led us to become an authority on a variety of different tax filings, for a broad scope of different clients. Some of the entities we provide tax service for include:

    • S corporations
    • Small businesses
    • Fiduciaries
    • Non-profits
    • Individuals

Complete Tax Services

Don’t let your taxes hang over you like a burden. Contact Tamara Rice-Rose Certified Public Accountant to ensure they’re prepared accordingly by a qualified tax services professional. From quarterly taxes to annual filings, to sales tax preparation services, our skilled professionals ensure your finances are always in.

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